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Good Homes 2024 Annual Conference

  • Keynote talk – “The state of the climate: Have we reached the tipping point?”
  • The progressive work of local authority ‘Vanguards’ to adopt net zero planning policies that go above and beyond national standards. How are these policies being implemented in practice?
  • The key steps required to unlock investment and incentivise the delivery of net zero homes.
  • How we must adapt and make our buildings more resilient to a changing climate, through appropriate shading design and specification, to mitigate overheating risk.
  • The vital role for housebuilders in enhancing biodiversity in new housing developments.
  • How to overcome ever-increasing water supply/demand issues and improve water quality.
  • How collective action can influence future policy and accelerate change – championing healthy homes, community led housing, building performance, embodied carbon and the circular economy. Can we develop ‘A new manifesto for housing’?